The Chefs

The stars of our OPEN DAY events at points of sale

With them, you will learn how to get the best from the Lagostina products and see their secrets in the kitchen.



Giorgio Giambelli

He has always cooked, his grandmother was a professional cook, his mother very carefully held her own, his father is used to eating well and his two sisters are hungry gluttons. All that conveyed to him the importance of being able to cook well and the idea that even children should be taught how to cook.

Every day in the cookery world he meets people and discovers recipes and products that reveal new worlds to him. It is a bit like travelling around Italy and sometimes even the world. He describes himself as "a dreamer in a dream come true, a cook in a magical adventure".



Paola Cattabriga

When she was a little girl she used to have fun in the kitchen under the vigilant and guiding eye of her grandmother Angiolina, a cook by calling first and later by profession. Cooking has remained a mainstay throughout her life, preparing a good dish has always been a relaxing time, reminiscing her childhood, her "buen retiro". After the early collaborations in her father's restaurants and haute cuisine course she attended all over the world, this has now become her path.


Antonello Migliore

Since he was a child, he's been aware that a man needs to pursue a great dream in life, and found his in cooking. He thus started pursuing his great passion, and favoured messing around in his mother's kitchen over typical children's games, admiring her as she kneaded, cooked and made preserves for the winter.

In his small villa, surrounded by two large gardens with dozens of various aromatic herbs, he has created over time a small laboratory, where he concocts new dishes and prepares food for events. Currently Executive Chef of Gambero Rosso, he says: “there are no food guides that will ever replace the “thank you chef” from my students every day”.



Lucia Mazzullo

Cooking is passion, it is something that runs in your veins. What else could the daughter of a Sardinian and a Sicilian and a grandfather from Amatrice become?

She studied chemistry, thinking she would either teach or work in some laboratory, she now teaches cookery classes at the Città del Gusto of Catania and Palermo. She travels often and this gives her continuous stimuli in her personal research into flavours. A Sicilian proverb says, "tools make the master", and she always chooses the best.