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How is perfect sharpness maintained?

In general, good knives, such as Lagostina ones, maintain their cutting ability and sharpness for a long time. However, even if treated with care, after a certain number of uses the blade cutting edge must be restored. In this case, we recommend using a sharpener suited to the type of knife (depending on whether the blade is serrated or smooth) and use it to sharpen the cutting edge.

What pressure can be reached by a coffee maker?

It generally reaches 220 kPa.

Which pressure and what temperature can the pressure cooker reach?

A. Operating valve
The traditional pressure cooker can work with a one or two-pressure operating valve.
a. One-pressure operating valve (weight or Control):
they work at a pressure between 0.50 bar (50 kPa) and 0.60 bar (60 kPa), respectively corresponding to temperatures of 111 and 113 °C.
b. Two-pressure operating valves.
For the “Vitamin” range of pressure cookers (e.g. Domina Vitamin, Novia Vitamin):
  • pressure 1 operates at a pressure of 0.40 bar (40 kPa), corresponding to temperature of 109 °C
  • pressure 2 operates at a pressure of 0.70 bar (70 kPa), corresponding to temperature of 115 °C.

B. Safety valve
The safety valve of a traditional pressure cooker operates when the pressure exceeds 1.65 bar (165 kPa).
The safety valve (integrated in the control module) on a latest generation pressure cooker operates in when the pressure exceeds 1.30 bar (130 kPa).

C. Leverblock® device
The Leverblock® goes up to the operating position (thus preventing cooker from being opened) at a pressure lower than 0.04 bar (4 kPa).

Is all Lagostina cutlery made of stainless steel?

To make higher quality cutlery, 18/10 steel is normally used (18 parts chrome and 10 parts nickel).
For its cutlery, Lagostina only uses 18/10 steel.
A special remark should be made concerning knives: steel quality is essential to obtain maximum knife blade effectiveness and durability, so the steel should be hard enough to maintain sharpness over time, at the same time as being flexible enough not to break. The material normally used is hardened chrome steel with high carbon content (AISI 420): stainless steel which contains 13/14 chrome parts and no nickel part, whose potential can be developed and increased thanks to an appropriate and skilful production cycle and heat treatment.

On which heating sources can Lagostina cookware be used on?

Check the graphics symbols on the package or on the cooker that show the suitable heating sources. In general Lagostina cookers can be used on all types of hobs including induction ones (in which case, only if the cookers are fitted with a magnetic steel base).

How do you remove the stains that appear on the non-stick coating if it is excessively overheated?

They can be easily removed with a nylon sponge.
Clean by hand in soapy water, rinse and dry the pan, then grease it with a little oil.

What materials is the Lagostina coffee maker made of?

The choice of materials, starting from the aluminium alloys, made in accordance with international standards EN601 and EN602, and the silicone gasket (easier to clean and more durable), guarantees the best hygienic quality of the product in compliance with the strictest European food standards.

What is the LAGOSTINA non-stick coating made of? Is it true that it is not harmful to health?

All non-stick coatings contain PTFE, the abbreviation of polytetrafluorethylene, a plastic polymer. This is a "slippery" ingredient, consisting of tetrafluoroethylene molecules, exclusively containing carbon and fluoride. The non-stick coating is not attacked by acids or alkaline bases and is very stable when heated. It is an inert substance that has no chemical reactions with food, water or detergents. If ingested it is totally harmless; the particles are not toxic and are expelled on their own like normal fibres. The non-stick coating is so safe that it is used also in medical science to coat pace makers and artery replacement tubular prostheses.

How is Lagostina cutlery cleaned?

Only use soft cloths to clean it. Do not use scouring pads or abrasive detergents. Lagostina cutlery can be washed in the dishwasher. To prevent the formation of stains, the washing cycle must be followed immediately by the drying cycle. Should any stains form, just remove them with a damp cloth. Specific products for steel may be used, like Lagostina's “Polvere di Stelle”.

Suggestions to correctly use Lagostina cutlery?

Do not leave the cutlery in contact with particles of food that might stain it or corrode it. Carefully rinse and dry it after every use.
The products must be intended for the only purpose for which they have been specifically designed. The manufacturer cannot be deemed liable for damage caused by misuse.