The warranty conditions for Lagostina products are always detailed inside the packaging of the single product.

In general terms, the 24-month legal warranty (or the one provided in the country of purchase) from the date of purchase is accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty (which does not affect the legal rights enjoyed by all consumers locally) according to the following scheme:

Stainless steel cookware products: Lagostina guarantee is extended to 25 years  (or as indicated on the packaging ) for metal parts against material and manufacturing defects; for pressure cookers repairability is guaranteed at least for 10 years.

Cookware products with non-stick coating: Lagostina warranty is extended to 5 years or as indicated on the package against swelling or peeling.

For all other products or components the Lagostina warranty covers the period provided by the regulations of the country of purchase.

The warranty does not apply to products with damage resulting from improper use or lack of maintenance or failure to comply with the instructions for use.